Basic information



  • March 20, 2023 – invitation to submit abstracts
  • April 20, 2023 – completion of submitting abstracts
  • May 15, 2023 – information on the acceptance of papers
  • June 01, 2023 – registration
  • August 25, 2023 – completion of submitting completed posters
  • September 01, 2023 – completion of registration
  • September 20-21, 2023 – conference
  • Conference’s Poster for download (PDF)




17th International Conference in the Series “Humanistic Ecology” entitled 
“Environmental Philosophy and Ethics in the Face of the Ecological Crisis”
is co-financed by:




  • Date: Wednesday-Thursday September 20-21, 2023
  • Venue: UKSW campus, Wóycickiego 1/3, Warsaw
  • Conference mode: hybrid
    • offline for speakers
    • offline and online for other participants
  • Language of the paper: English (preferred), Polish, and Slovak (acceptable)
  • Length of paper presentation: 20 minutes
  • Multimedia presentations: PowerPoint presentations (preferred) (obligatory in English)
  • Fees: see the detailed information: link
  • Accommodation: the organizers do not provide accommodation. We suggest convenient hotels close to the UKSW campus.  However, participants should contact the hotel on their own.
    • Dobre Miejsce (Retreat House) preferred contact in English via e-mail:;
  • Publication: the organizers propose to publish presented papers in the journal “Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae” (open access, free of charge, indexed by SCOPUS, EBSCO, DOAJ, Norwegian Register, CESJH, CEEOL, …)


  • Organizers encourage authors to submit poster presentations (only in English). The poster proposals accepted for the exhibition will be available on the conference website. Posters consist of two complementary elements: 1) graphic file (PDF); 2) audio recordings (MP3).
  • The audio recording can explain, expand on, or supplement the information contained in the graphical component. The graphic file should be at most 15 MB, while the audio recording should be at most 3 minutes. 
  • The completed posters should be emailed to kontakt(at) by August 25, 2023.


GENERAL  INFORMATION: The condition for presenting a paper is a positive evaluation of the submitted abstract. Depending on the number of applications, the organizers reserve the right to select these proposals from among positively assessed abstracts that best suit the subject of the conference and ensure an even division into individual sections.